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Welcome to the Law Firm Norbert W. Kirsch.

The Law Firm Kirsch specializes in inheritance law (i.e. estates and trusts), succession law, and family law, in particular with respect to international matters. Additionally, we are your legal partner in any other judicial subject as well, especially those pertaining to property and corporate law.

Attorney-at-law and Civil Law Notary Norbert W. Kirsch was one of the first five lawyers in Berlin, who were in 2005 awarded the official title, “Specialist in Inheritance Law”.

The notary’s office provides all public authentications and registrations, as well as required consultancy and services.

Since 2009 we have been providing in-house training in cooperation with DANSEF e.V.

Established in 1983, the law firm is currently located in Berlin-Reinickendorf (since 1995), with a second location in Berlin-Wilmersdorf (since 2009).

The Law Firm Kirsch maintains numerous contacts with law firms within Germany and abroad. We use these contacts to provide and guarantee a professional handling of all international cases.

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