The Division of US-pension benefits – A Presentation by Dr. Hanke at the USAEUR CLE Conference

I have been honored to speak at the USAEUR CLE Conference, the Legal Department of the US-Army, in Garmisch, Germany, this year. I have addressed the issue of how US-Pension Benefits are „considered“ in the Pension Adjustment Proceeding (Versorgungsausgleichsverfahren) by German Family Courts, and how – from a German perspective – counsel shall guide and advise clients through such a process. It is of highest importance to include counsel from the US (to not forfeit certain spousal rights and in order to determine the competent jurisdiction)  in case a division of pension benefits needs to be addressed directly in the US. This and other details have been discussed with Practitioners from the US-Army. For more information please contact us directly, we will also help you finding competent counsel in the US – in case it is needed.

Yours, Dr. Andreas Hanke